Will my key fit inside TheRunLock? 

TheRunLock has an internal compartment that is: Length 2.7 Inches x Width 1.6 inches x Depth 1.2 inches. Auto manufacturers release new key designs regularly, so we encourage you to measure your key prior to purchasing TheRunLock to ensure it will fit in this compartment. 

How do I reset the 4-digit combination code? 

TheRunLock is supplied with a pre-set combination of 0-0-0-0. Please reference the instructions supplied with TheRunLock or our use and setting pdf download at the bottom of this page.  TheRunLock IFU Rev 10292016. Resetting instructions must be read thoroughly and followed with extreme care – an incorrect reset will render the lock permanently inoperative. 

I closed/locked TheRunLock and then forgot my code; is there any way to open my lock? 

TheRunLock was designed to be extremely durable and virtually impossible by normal means to break into. There is no way to override the security of TheRunLock so please select a code that you won’t forget and make sure to carefully read the instructions for setting/resetting your code. 

Is TheRunLock waterproof / weatherproof?

TheRunLock is weather resistant and made from a metal alloy with stainless steel shackle. This metal alloy is designed for use in outdoor environments where corrosion and sun exposure are expected. It is not designed for submersion; the key compartment is weather resistant, not weather proof. If you plan to leave your key in TheRunLock for an extended period of time, remember many keys will corrode when left in outdoor environments for long periods of time. While TheRunLock will withstand these environments, we recommend using a recloseable bag (e.g. the clear bag supplied with TheRunLock’s Reset Tool) to further protect your key.

Does TheRunLock need maintenance?

TheRunLock is weather resistant and made from a metal alloy with stainless steel shackle. This metal alloy is designed for use in outdoor environments where corrosion and sun exposure are expected. After long term exposure to harsh environments (like salt spray), if you notice that your code dials are getting harder to turn, spray with fresh water to clean and then lubricate the areas in between the dials (e.g. oil, WD-40, lubricant spray, etc.)

Will TheRunLock shield my electronic proximity functions (i.e. lock/unlock) from working?

TheRunLock contains a compartment which will encase the key, but we cannot be completely sure that the lock will shield your specific key. In the event that TheRunLock doesn’t shield your key’s proximity functions, then we can recommend that you try one of the following:

  • Lock TheRunLock to a location (bench, railing, bike rack, etc) that is a sufficient distance from your car so the proximity functions are disabled/not active.
  • Alternatively, some customers have suggested wrapping the keys in aluminum foil prior to placing inside TheRunLock – we have NOT tested this suggestion and cannot guarantee this method, but have heard it may be viable for some keys.  

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so should you find the lock doesn’t prevent the proximity functions from working and are not satisfied with one of the other recommendations, feel free to return it for a full refund.

Ordering & Shipping: 

When will my order arrive?

TheRunLock is shipped out of our US distribution facility via United States Postal Service. Typical delivery is 5-7 days. You will receive a tracking number as soon as the order is processed and prepared for shipment.

Can I expedite my order? 

Unfortunately, we do not offer expedited shipping at this time. 

Can I ship to an address other than my billing address? 

Yes, when placing your order, follow the steps within the secure PayPal ordering process to provide an alternate shipping address. If you are ordering more than one item and want them shipped to different addresses, you will need to process each order independently. 

Does TheRunLock ship to international locations? 

No. Currently we ship TheRunLock to territories of the United States only. Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands included. 

 Wholesale Opportunities:

Please contact [email protected] for wholesale pricing and other inquiries. 

 Refunds & Exchanges: 

What is TheRunLock refund/return policy? 

Within 30 days of purchase, you may return TheRunLock for any reason for a replacement or full refund, excluding return shipping. To request your refund or replacement:

  1. Please contact us at [email protected] with the following information: 
    • Reason for the return/refund request 
    • Original purchaser’s name and/or transaction ID 
    • If the transaction ID cannot be provided, please provide the approximate date of the original purchase
  2. After contacting us, please return the lock to: 
    • DRAB Enterprises LLC – Returns Department, 76 SW Riverway Blvd, Palm City, FL 34990
    • Please include with your return:
      • TheRunLock 
      • Original purchaser’s name and/or transaction ID with the return. 
      • If you have reset the combination code, please also provide us with the new 4-digit code.
    • Please note that we do not currently pay for return shipping. 

Refunds: We will issue the refund via PayPal as soon as the lock has been received by our returns department; please provide us with the tracking number via email so we may monitor the lock’s transit; this will enable us to process your refund as soon as possible. 

Replacement: In an effort to expedite your replacement lock, we can initiate the replacement once a tracking number is provided via email indicating that you have shipped the original lock. Else, we will initiate a replacement order as soon as your original lock has been received by our returns department. DRAB Enterprises reserves the right to replace your product with one of equivalent or higher value or to issue a refund.

Operating & Resetting Instructions